Local Baskit Gets Ready to Launch

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Local Baskit Gets Ready to Launch

What's For Dinner? Local Baskit!

The meal kit concept is sweeping the nation and is pretty simple:

1) Select meals for two, three or four nights a week from a weekly offering posted online. 2) Your selection of ingredients and the recipe card is packaged in a box (with a lot of little bags and a bunch of ice bricks) is then shipped from a warehouse to your door. 3) You and your family cook a healthy meal from the pre-measured (but three or four day old) ingredients.

I feel in love with the concept shortly after it arrived in New Hampshire. But something didn't sit right with me, and my upbringing as the daughter of an organic gardening aficionado who authored A to Z Hints for the Vegetable Garden in 1979 began it surface, and I would have trouble as I opened my box each week. As I was growing up, my Dad would proudly boast about the flavorful heirloom tomatoes and crisp, fresh green beans from our garden and while I didn't agree then as a picky-eating adolescent, he was right. Local, fresh produce tastes better. He believed that local farms help the community thrive and I believe that access to healthy foods can have a positive impact on individual and community health. I wanted my meal kit to mean it when it said local ingredients.

So I ended my subscription with that national company and began to chase my dream of improving access to local and healthy food. Local Baskit was born and this week we are kicking things off to take advantage of the summer growing season!

We have added more content to the website as well as a peak at upcoming meal selections. At the end of this week, we expect to get our final approvals all squared away and will unlock the ordering capabilities. Then you will be able to choice your Baskit Style, select your meals and indicate your delivery or pickup preference. Our first kits can be delivered next week for any order placed by Sunday June 26 at 10pm EST.

Stay tuned and stay in touch. I just received the harvest list from our farms for the second half of July and can't wait to create new recipes for you! Add a comment below with suggestions for the types of recipes you would like to see in a Local Baskit!